Gorge Road School


  • Students must sit down straight away and remain seated during the journey.
  • Students will walk on and off the bus when it is stationary in a sensible, orderly manner.
  • Students will not eat or drink on the bus, or throw anything inside or out of the bus.
  • Students will respect other students’ property and not interfere with it in any way. Students will respect the property of the bus owner and driver at all times.
  • Students will use quiet voices when speaking to the person beside them so they do not distract the driver.
  • Students will display polite, courteous and sensible behaviour and socially acceptable language on the bus.
  • Students will listen carefully and follow the requirements and instructions of the driver, duty teacher or bus monitors at all times.
  • Students will not engage in any behaviour (harass, abuse, bully) that could put other student, the driver or themselves at risk.  This includes bringing items onto the bus which could prove to be distracting (ie. balls) without the consent of the driver.  
  • Students and their families will be responsible for any damage caused by them on the bus.
  • Students will follow instructions from the bus monitor/teacher on duty before walking to or onto the bus.
  • No skateboards or scooters will be taken on board.

     If students display inappropriate behaviour on the bus, communication will take place between school, home and the bus company to determine appropriate action and/or future travel arrangements, which may include a temporary inability to use the bus as transport to and from school.