Gorge Road School

THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE- make a bag or box that is “All About Me "(YOU).

Put things into it that are ‘you’. Friends family, pets, hobbies, sports, trophies, collections,..

Whatever is appropriate. Could be photos, drawings, the real thing!

Bring it with you when you come back to school, to share and talk about with your classmates. By the beginning of Term2, whenever that might be… Plenty of time to do a really good job !!!

Listen to a story teller- David Walliams is sharing a story each day:

Science lessons, follow Nano Girl

How creative are you? What are your dreams? Here's something to make, and then think about:
Goodnight Glowing Cube - big life journal.pdf

National Geographic is posting stories each day on this site :  www.nzgeo.com/together-at-home  

Here’s a few more ideas to be learning, while having fun 
( some better for younger/ some for older/ some for all) 

1. How to tie your shoes- you’d be surprised 😉,  How to dress yourself…(think changing rooms at swimming)

2. How to follow a recipe- baking/ cooking. – Talk about ingredients, following instructions, units of measurement, temperatures, how substances change when heated/ cooled. Look for pages in the start rite book to see the types of things they need to know.

3. How to make a meal plan & grocery list on a budget , money, adding, giving change… Look at money pages in the book

4. How to look after the house -mow the lawn, do the recycling, budget & pay bills

5. Keep up to date with your maths… XtraMath, Mathletics, Matific, Prodigy…

6. How to be a good citizen- mow your neighbour’s lawn, take them a meal, make muffins…

7. How to read- ask them questions about what they’re reading, read together, make predictions, discuss why characters behave the way they do. Sunshine Classics, Reading Eggs, Literacy Planet

8. How to write-  keep a diary, write instructions for something, write an alternate ending to favourite story or movie, write a story, keep a book of facts… 

9. How to advocate for positive change in the world - write a letter a persuasive speech…

10. How to maintain a vehicle- how to check the oil, how to change a tyre

11. Build physical literacy- do yoga, play catch, play frisbee, kick a soccer ball, shoot hoops…

12. Build fine motor skills - draw, colour, knit, crochet, cross- stitch, sew, weave…

13. Go outside! Walk, hike, paddle, bike, most outdoor activities keep you at least 2m away from other people.

14. How to spell basic words- a great chance to brush up your spelling skills/knowledge

15. Spend time with your kids!  Talk to them - ask them about their hopes & dreams & fears. 

 Ask them to write about it, make a poem, illustrate it…

16. Have them research things they’re interested in- a place they’d like to visit, a career they might like, a hobby they’d like to learn) 

17. Do a STEM challenge (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)-  build a tower, boat, bridge out of random materials around the house 

18. Make/ create/ help in a vege patch of some sort. Learn about seeds, growth…

19. Learn to tell the time, how to use clocks (analogue and digital), read timetables.

20. Practise good hygiene – proper hand washing, keeping your distance, covering your coughs and sneezes.