Gorge Road School

Room Kakariki

Room Kakariki with their new I Pads purchased with funding raised by Alex Payne our Spirit of a Nation ambassador in 2016 and the Gorge Road Golf Tournament Committee.

Gorge Road is a great place.  We are very lucky, because we don't have to live in town and have annoying problems - car noises, early wake-ups, too many streets, and all this other unpleasant stuff.  Gorge Road is not a big community, which is good, because it is easy to get around.  We have friendly neighbours and have huge paddocks to play in, which is great since we (probably) have motorbikes.

Gorge Road also has a school.  It is great, and has lots of friendly pupils and teachers.  The teachers are: Sonia Marshall (Room 1 teacher), Sharon Evans (Room 3 teacher), and Jenny Craig(Room 1 teacher and Principal).  We have about 40 children.  We also have some other people at the school:  Mr Trent (Caretaker), Ma (Cleaner), Mrs Sheree Keenan (Part time teacher) and Mrs Beck (Office Manager).  Our school is friendly, and we work well together.

We have children from other countries attending our school as well, such as:  the Philippines, Indonesia, and other countries.  I love my school, and I try as hard as I can to keep it tidy and to work really well.

By Ellie Smith (Room 3)


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Hi, everyone!  Today, I show you how many students are in Gorge Road.  And if you would like to find more information, go to the Gorge Road facebook page.

There are around 40 students in the school, + 4 teachers.



 Image result for students of gorge road school   The whole school (some years ago)


  Image result for students of gorge road school  Gorge Road School (olden days )


 By Alexine Rivas (Room 1)



Polyfest 2014, Gorge Road School. From left:  Cassidy, Madi, Joshua (moved to another School), and Ellie!  We are doing Polyfest again this year on the 21st August at the Southland Stadium - can't wait!