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I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you a very warm welcome to Gorge Road School.  Gorge Road School has much to offer, and I trust your child's schooling at Gorge Road will be rewarding experience for your child.  We are a learner focused environment. Children are encouraged to develop their abilities in all areas of the school curriculum as they become confident life-long learners.  Our school believes that the best learning takes place when there is positive, transparent communication between school and home. We are happy to listen to any comments you may have regarding your child's learning.

Jenny Craig





Principal:                             Mrs Jenny Craig

Teachers:                             Mrs Jenny Craig (Room 2)

                                               Mrs Sonia Marshall ( Room 1)

                                               Miss Sharon Evans (Room 3)

                                               Mrs Sheree Keenan (Principal Release Teacher: Room 2)

Office Manager:                 Mrs Sue Beck

Cleaner:                                Mrs Marama McWilliam     



Principal:                                Mrs Jenny Craig

Staff Representative:          Mrs Sue Beck

Elected Parent Reps:          Mrs Ruth Brunisma (Board Chair)

                                                 Mr Reza Abdul Jabbar

                                                 Mr Andre Egbers

                                                 Ms Jo Bruce

Board Secretary                   Mrs Sue Beck


A great membership of parents led by Bailey.  Meetings will be held alternatively on Mondays and Tuesdays two to three times a Term depending on events.  .

Our Vision

During their time at Gorge Road School children will:

- Be prepared to learn.

- Always do their best

- Display honesty reliability and trustworthiness

- Be Resourceful throughout their educational journey

- Be friendly to others

- Respect themselves, others and property

- Take Responsibility for their own decisions and actions

- Show initiative in all situations

- Be positive and believe they can do it

- Take risks

- Persevere and show Resilience and determination in all activities

- Be proud of themselves, others ad their school environment

- Will become self-managers of their own learning


During their time at Gorge Road School teachers will:

- Provide the very best learning opportunities and experiences

- Encourage students to take risks, challenging their own abilities

- Meet the individual needs of all students allowing for accelerated and extended learning

- Always have a smile and are fair and consistent

- Be enthusiastic and positive

- Welcome all students, parents and visitors

- Listen openly to all concerns of students / parents

- Model that we are all learners and that we can achieve what we set out to do

- Accept the differences of each child            



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ABSENCES:  Please ring or text the school before 9 am to let us know if your child is going to be away for the day by phone 2395 763, text 0274674373 or e-mail office@gorgeroad.school.nz,  you will be contacted if your child has not turned up at school and we do not know the reason.  If your child is going to be away for a lengthy period, please explain the absence to the Principal prior to the absence.  If you remove your child during the day for whatever reason (sickness, appointments, etc) you must sign him/her out at the school office.

ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESSES:  Should a your child suffer an accident or become ill at school, they will be attended to in the sick bay.  If necessary a Doctor may be called or the child taken to a Doctor and the parents informed as soon as possible.  Each family is asked to provide the name and telephone number of their Family Doctor for that purpose.  The school has developed specific policy to deal with the administration of prescription medicine and to cover the gathering of personal information and takes necessary steps to ensure confidentiality.  Please advise the school if your child needs to take any form of medical prescription during the school day.

APPOINTMENTS:  The teachers and the principal are available to talk to you about your child's progress. The best time to see a teacher is after 3 pm.  Telephone calls for appointments or to speak to a teacher should be made before 9 am or after 3 pm.  To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that parents phone the school office to arrange a convenient time for both parties.  The best time to make such a phone call is from 9am to 10:30am.   

ASSEMBLIES:  The school holds regular weekly assemblies on Mondays at approximately 9.15am.  School assembly is an opportunity to celebrate the successes and work of the students.  Parents are welcome to attend this assembly.

AWARDS:  As part of our House system, the students are awarded points for their House, culminating in a winning House every week/term/year.

BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT:  A full school policy is available at the school office.  The school policy outlines the standards and expectations of behaviour, and the rewards and consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.  In addition, class rules and treaties are developed in classrooms by the teacher and students.  In summary, at Gorge Road School expect the students to:

-          be sensible, polite and friendly

-          have respect and consideration for others and their property.

-          treat other people how they themselves wish to be treated.

-          model the school values (Responsibility, Respect, Resourcefulness, and Resiliency)

BELL TIMES:  Please note that the bell times can change from term to term, depending on what learning programmes are in place for students. As of Term 1, 2016, the bell times are as follows:

9:00am - Lessons commence; lessons continue until 10:30am

10:30am to 10:45am - Morning Tea

10:45am to 12:45pm - Lessons continue

12:45pm to 1:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm to 2:50pm - Lessons

2:50pm - School finishes

BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  The Board of Trustees meets at least twice a term.  The meetings are held in the Staffroom, commencing at 7pm or 7:30pm.  Details are in the school newsletter.  An agenda is available in the office 4 days before the meeting.  If you would like to have an item placed on the agenda, please contact the chairperson.  All parents and members of the community are welcome to attend the Board Meetings.

BOOK CLUBS:  At various times during the year children may bring home an order form for books. There is absolutely no compulsion for parents to buy books.

BUS:  There are two bus runs servicing Gorge Road School. The river/Kapuka run is from Gorge Road School to the Mataura River by Holz Road all the way up to Mokotua via Kapuka South, and the Oteramika run which runs from Gorge Road School to Mokotua and does a loop down Waituna Road back to school.

Children are supervised by bus monitors, who report back regularly on bus behaviour.  Eligible pupils are those who are:

a) aged under ten years and live more than 3.2km, and

b) aged ten years and over, who live more than 4.8 km from this school

c) disadvantaged through physical disability

d) living closer to another school but are still eligible under (a) and (b) above and choose to transfer eligibility to this school.

Please note:  If you are picking up a child after school, please make sure that theteacher on duty knows who you are taking, especially if another child is going to your house for a visit or overnight stay, or you are taking them to an appointment on another parent’s behalf. It would be appreciated if the staff knew who was going with which family before 3pm, so please phone the office in the morning between 9am and 10:30am or, if you need to inform the office after then 239 5763 ext 3.  or text 0274674373.

CAMPS & EOTC ACTIVITIES:  EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) activities take place every year.  These include school and class trips and camps of various kinds. A charge is made for these activities.

COMPLAINTS:  Parents with complaints of a minor nature are encouraged to talk them over with the teacher concerned.  In the event of a complaint about a teacher, the teacher should be approached first.  Complaints of a more serious nature should be made to the Principal or the Bot Chairperson.  Face-to-face contact is more satisfactory than discussing a complaint over the telephone.

COMPUTERS:  The School has desktops computers in each classroom, as well as laptops and iPads for student use.  These are used to supplement and enrich classroom programmes, and to further student learning.  Care should be taken when using these school devices, and all students along with parents/caregivers/whanau, must sign the appropriate forms to be able to use these devices.  These forms will be given out at the start of Term 1.

CYCLES:   It is recommended that, due to the school being located on a highway, children younger than 10 years of age do not ride to school unaccompanied.  For all children biking to school the Board requests that a letter is forwarded to the Principal which states the parent's full responsibility for the journey to and from school and for the safety of the children’s equipment.

DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY:  Parents are asked to support the school in its efforts to encourage children to care for what they have and respect other people's property.  Wilful damage will result in details of the incident being recorded by the principal and arrangement made for whatever compensation is felt necessary.

DENTAL CLINIC:  The school does not have its own dental clinic. The children are treated at Ascot Community School via the mobile unit. Appointments are sent via the post when it is our school’s turn.  It is the parent’s responsibility to get your child/ren to these appointments.

DONATIONS:  The annual school donation amount is $80 per child, $120 for two children, $160 for three children or $180 for four children or more.  For pupils starting school part way through the year, the school donation will be divided by the number of terms attending. Please note that education is New Zealand is free, with no compulsory fees expected of parents and caregivers. The donation is a specified sum of money, set by the Board of Trustees each year, to support the provision of additional services which benefit students.  This is a voluntary sum.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the office for further details.

HATS FOR SUMMER:  Gorge Road School recommends the use of hats to avoid heat stroke and sunburn, and even sun glasses for eye protection.  

HEALTH NURSE:  The Department of Health Nurse with responsibility for Gorge Road School can be reached on 03 211 0113 (Vicki Birch).  Head lice can be a problem in schools, and our school is no exception.  The nurse recommends parents regularly check their children's hair for eggs and lice.  Treatments, products and advice are available from chemists.

HOMEWORK:  All students are encouraged to complete homework activities as part of their learning. Teachers will inform the parents and students on their homework programme in the classroom newsletter, and it will be sent home with children on a weekly basis.

LIBRARY:  Gorge Road School is fortunate in having a modern library. Students visit the library regularly, and are issued with their book choices.  Please make sure that books are returned before they are overdue, so that other children have a chance to read the same books.

LOST PROPERTY:  Clothing and footwear is at times left unclaimed. When clothing is found, it is kept in the office in a lost property container which is available to children and parents.

Note:  Please ensure that your child's clothing and footwear is clearly named.

LUNCHES:  Lunches are available through the school every day of the week.  The following foods are available:

Pies                                                                   $1.50     Moosie (lime or blue lagoon)                      $1.00

Sausage Rolls                                                 $2.00     Popcorn (caramel or flavoured)                $1.50

Pizza (Hawaiian or Meatlovers)                  $2.00     Flavoured Popcorn                                       $1.50

Juices (Wildberry/Apple/Tropical)             $0.70

Please bring money in a named envelope and drop into the School Office before 9am each day.    Details of prices or price changes will be notified by newsletters during the year.

Manual (Technology) CLASSES:  Year 6, 7 & 8 students attend technology classes on a roster system at Ascot Community School, where they are taught woodwork, hand materials, food/bio technology and soft material.  A schedule of these classes is sent home with Manual students at the start of the year. (Usually every Thursday morning Terms 1-4).   The fee for Manual classes is $55 per Term and this covers materials and transport.

MONEY:  Please note that if children come to school with money the school cannot be responsible if the child loses it.  The best policy is for children to hand money to the teacher/office for safe-keeping.

NEW ENTRANTS: Before a new entrant child is enrolled the classroom teacher will be in contact to arrange school visits.

PREPARATION FOR SCHOOL - It will help children if they are prepared for school by knowing how to do the following:

Children should:

* know own name, address and telephone number

* be able to put away play things after using them

* take off and put on outer garments without help

* tie own shoe laces

* remember to carry a handkerchief and know how to use one

* remember to flush the toilet after use and wash hands

* know how to hold scissors and how to use them

* recognise basic colours

* know how to count from one to ten

* know how to sit and listen to a story

* know the days of the week

* recognise own written name

* look after own belongings

* know birthday and birth month

Please remember to bring along your child's Birth Certificate and Health Card and Immunisation Certificate from your Plunket Book when enrolling.

NEWSLETTERS:  Each Wednesday, a newsletter is sent home with the eldest child in each family.  If you find that your child is not bringing a newsletter home, please contact the school office.  The newsletter is also available by email; please provide the Office with your e-mail address.  The newsletter is an important source of information for the community, and reports under the following areas:

a) School News

b) P.T.A. news

c) Board of Trustees news

d) Community News

OFFICE HOURS:  The office is attended from approximately 9am to 11am every day.   Appointments to see the Principal should be made before 9 am or after 3pm.

PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION:  The school PTA involves itself in fundraising activities, organises social events for the school's community, and assists with the running of events such as community days and Pet Day.  

PET DAY:  Gorge Road holds an annual Pet Day during October usually towards the end of the month. This is a day for children to bring and show their pets and also display some of the work created during the year in at the Community Centre.  The school is always looking for parents or community members to be involved in the preparation, running and enjoyment of Pet Day.  We love to see lots of the Community here and share the day with the children.  There is also a pre-school section for the younger children to also bring along a pet and take part in this annual community event.  Please don’t hesitate to contact the school to find out more information about how to become involved.

POLICIES:  The school develops policies and procedures for various aspects of school operation.  These are reviewed regularly to strengthen operations further.and to ensures everyone knows what to expect, how things are done etc.  Please feel free to view policies on any subject through the office.

REPORTING TO PARENTS: The school operates 2 reporting systems as of 2016.

1)      Mid and End of Year Report -reporting on all curriculum areas is sent home in Term 2 and Term 4.  You are welcome to make an appointment with your child's teacher any time to discuss their learning.   

2)      Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences - these conferences will take place in Term 1 and 2 to discuss your child's achievement.

ROAD SAFETY:  The roads near Gorge Road School are extremely busy. It is essential that children have a clear understanding of basic road safety rules.  

SCHOOL HOURS & CALENDAR:  Classes commence at 9:00 am and finish at 2:50pm. Note:  Children arriving at school when no teacher is present must wait until the first teacher arrives before entering their classrooms.  Staff are available from 8:40am to 3:10pm for student supervision.

2018 Terms & Holidaysl

Term II Monday 30th April – Friday 6th July

Term III Monday 23rd  July – Friday 28th September

Term IV Monday 15th October – Friday 14th December (TBC)

SCHOOL UNIFORM:  The wearing of jewellery is restricted to watch, stud or sleeper earrings and jewellery of cultural significance.  No temporary tattoos are to be visible.

STATIONERY: At the beginning of the year the students are issued with a list of stationery needed. All items are available at school. Please consider the quality of stationery if you are purchasing outside of the school.  At the end of each year the School will source stationery packs for the following year for purchase at the best price, orders are taken and stationery available to collect two days before the start of the year.

SWIMMING POOL:  Swimming lessons are part of the school curriculum, and willusually be from December to April.  All children are expected to take part. Please send a note if your child is to be excused for health reasons. Pool Keys are available at $90 for the season. The Board of Trustees and Pool Committee have set the following pool rules:

1)      Children under 8 years must be supervised by person at least 16 years old.

2)      All children under the age of 16 within the Pool Complex must be supervised at all times by an adult (18 years or over) who is a key holder or a delegated family representative.  At the parents/caregivers discretion, 16 & 17 year olds may supervise younger members of their immediate family.

3)      No jeans are to be worn in the pool

4)      No running

5)      No diving in the shallow pool area

6)      This pool is to be used during 6am – 10pm during School Terms and extended to 11pm during the holidays and only during school hours if School not using Pool.  A notice is to be displayed when the school will be using complex. 

7)      Parents are to check that the changing sheds and toilets are left in a clean and tidy condition.

8)      Keyholders are responsible to ensure pool is locked on departure.

9)      A Conditions of Use Agreement for pool users of Gorge Road and Districts pool must be signed.